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Should You Buy The Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is a great new product that many people are raving about. It is a small device that sits in your house and connects to your Internet. It does everything from playing your music to ordering you pizza, all from the sound of your voice. Simply ask Alexa and she will provide. Many […]

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How to Turn Pro Photographer With Your Smart Phone

Among the many things that the smart phone has really influenced is the art of photography. More and more social networking applications make use of images and photos in communication. There are even some like Instagram and Snapchat that have photography as the main medium of communication. It goes without saying that photography is becoming […]

Technology: Your Sports and Fitness Partner

Technology is taking a visible and important position in sports and fitness programs. In the Brazil World Cup it was amazing to see the goal technology used to avoid unnecessary conflict. The balls are made in such a way that when they cross the goal line, it is indicated on the screen that it is […]